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Lenormand Oracle and Numerology Short Courses

All our courses are now only online via Zoom. These workshops will now be offered online over two consecutive weeks, on Sundays, with two to three-hour classes. 
These specialty workshops are offered only once or twice a year depending on demand.
If you are interested in any of them you can check the "Upcoming Events" panel on the homepage for information if these workshops have dates set or you can contact us via email at to express your interest and get further details. Also, you can follow us on Facebook to get all the Brisbane Tarot School news and updates.
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LENORMAND cards are a French divination system that seems recently to have been “rediscovered”. It is quickly gaining in popularity and is much loved by those who use this divinatory system. Lenormand cards allow you to quickly answer practical questions about money, career, romance, travel and important life decisions. This course assumes no prior knowledge of the cards and begins with the absolute basics of cartomancy. It builds in a sequential way over the two days working from simple three and five card spreads to the Grand Tableau that uses all 36 cards in the deck. By the end of the workshop you will have some familiarity with each of the cards and have a wide range of techniques and spreads to enable you to read Lenormand with confidence.


Unlike Tarot it is a very literal system and if you use Tarot it can be difficult embracing the straightforward nature of Lenormand. In many ways Tarot and Lenormand complement each other.


This workshop will be offered over two consecutive Sundays for about two hours each class. 


All materials are provided except the Lenormand deck. The one that we prefer is the “French Cartomancy” deck from publisher Lo Scarabeo with notes by Laura Tuan.  We also recommend the purchase of the book "The Essential Lenormand- Your Guide to Precise and Practical Fortunetelling" by Rana George. This book is also available as an ebook.


The INVESTMENT for the day is only $120. 




The NUMEROLOGY two-week course will show you how to use your birth name and date of birth to produce your own numerological profile and your whole-of -life forecast. You will learn how to determine and then interpret your six Core numbers: Birthday number, Life Path number, Destiny number, Soul number, Personality number and Maturity number.


You will learn how to calculate your life's Major Cycles, the Pinnacles and Challenges and the ages when you can expect change to affect you.  You will also learn how to work with and understand your Personal Years and months.


You will be shown the easy to follow steps to understand this most ancient of divinatory methods.


Once you see how you can do this for yourself you can easily follow the process for family and friends.

This workshop is offered over two consecutive Sunday mornings, running from 10 to about 12. All course materials are provided. All you need is a pen, a notebook and many people find a calculator useful. 


All notes are supplied and the INVESTMENT is only $120.

If you are interested in any of these contact us with an expression of interest:

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