Our popular One-day "Quick Learn" Tarot Workshop



This is an ideal way of learning the basics of Tarot if you are unable to commit to our six week Beginners course or you are looking for a refresher to recharge old skills.


The workshop will run for about six hours from 10 am.


BRISBANE: The venue, as always, is the wonderful Ecclectica in West End.

IPSWICH: Please check out the IPSWICH EVENTS page for details.


A folder of forty plus pages of notes will be supplied and by the end of the day you will have been introduced to all 78 cards, have two approaches for reading each card and have at least four popular spreads to use. Lots of hints and tips for better readings are also discussed.


All this and more and the cost is only $150. All you need is the Rider-Waite-Smith deck which is available from Ecclectica. Everything else is supplied.


For more details and to enrol in this workshop ring Chris on 0402353397.