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Love and the Tarot

Good morning ❣️

I am currently teaching the six week beginner course here at The Brisbane Tarot School. I love that every student inspires me. Teaching is never, in my ethos a one way street!

In this blog I was inspired to look at some of the cards relating to connection between beings. I have seen the lovers card come up as a reader and a teacher, in direct relation to the union of two people.

The original and deeper meaning of the card is about choices. When faced with a choice, what is the honorable option and what is not. What are the influences around that decision, the background of the individual, the relationships within them, around them, leading to choice making? Ultimately despite the array of choice options, the key is to remember the discernment of the individual.

Yes, their ultimate ability to choose their own path. As a reader often we can see or explore the energies of choice, connection and potential outcomes for our clients, however the ultimate selected life path is not now or ever in our control. We are guides or facilitator's of guidance but we do not walk their path.

I was talking to my students about the three of swords this week. I had some amazing insights into this card again. Realising that, as you can see in the card, the swords are piercing the heart, these are deep and have gone fully through the heart. Swords can be words, thoughts, experiences and even responses to you and the scenario in question.

Remember though that the heart is a a symbol of the sense of self. Your core awareness. The heart in the three of swords is pierced but yet intact. It's not fatal, you can rise again and reflect and grow after rest, symbolised by the next card in the swords aces to 10s, the four of swords.

In that rest and reflection period, what can you learn from this experience? How to you reintegrate this new sense of self or indeed reaffirm it for your highest good?

There is a deeper understanding of this card regarding the changes life stages can bring to beings. The concept of the maiden, mother, crone or the evolution of the awareness of a being as life changes occur. Gender is not specific in these transitions, all beings are equal.

I know that we are coming up to Valentine's Day or lupercalia, I do suggest you look up the traditional correspondence for the festival. Remember, no love connection, loss, change or even grief means that your ability to regroup and empower your sense of self love is gone.

We walk paths, we learn and connect. We are never seperated from ourselves though. As in all things, the self care, nurturing, empowerment and growth is the most important relationship you will ever have. Honour yourself as your unique, authentic self with the worth innate within you.

Only with that essence, can we grow and adapt, learn and connect, honour and thrive.

We are the seeds, the saplings and the tree. Our roots, spreading ever outwards, are our connections. May they nourish you.

Blessings of love for your highest good, now and always.

Sarah Brisbane Tarot School Teacher, Psychic, Holistic Counsellor and Healer

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