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Personal Empowerment. Tarot is a Time-proven Method

A few weeks ago, I found myself speaking in front of about fifty or so people. It was a New Age-y sort of expo.

With an audience of like-minded people, I thought I would do a little survey. First I asked them who had ever had a Tarot reading. I was fairly unsurprised to find just about every hand went up. So, I thought, there is a segment of society that exists that really likes what Tarot has to offer. Good so far.

Next, I asked, who has a Tarot deck of their own. I estimate about eighty percent of the crowd put their hands up. The survey was going as expected. Lots of this group actually possess their own decks.

So, who actually use their decks? I asked who do regular readings for themselves. Guess what! The number of hands up dropped to about five or six. So, people have been excited enough to buy Tarot decks, but still they are often unused.

Who read for other people? One hand went up and another one wavered. So, one and a half people apparently, out of this group read for other people.

So… the big question that lingered in the air was, why are people reticent to use Tarot for themselves and others?

Does it seem to be too big a task to learn the cards?

Are people scared to use it?

Don’t they trust their intuition (which is an important part of Tarot reading)?

Is there a belief that only some people can be good Tarot readers? Do you have to be psychic or something special?

I didn’t have the chance to pursue this with this group. I would probably have had to do fifty one-on-one interviews to get the answers. I was only given twenty minutes on the stage😊.

The truth is…

Anyone can learn Tarot.

We are all psychic to some extent and using Tarot can help exercise your psychic and intuitive muscles.

Tarot helps us face up to ourselves. It can force us to look at our motivations and desires. It can also suggest options and possibilities. In this regard, yes Tarot can be scary. But it can also be hugely empowering.

You can get a pretty good handle on Tarot in only six weeks. You could be reading for yourself. You could even be reading for friends and family (now that can be scary). You might even be thinking that at some point in the future you might like to become a professional reader, who knows.

Please check out our Beginners’ Tarot course. It could open up a whole new perspective on your life and allow you to see who you really are.

Many blessings

Chris from the Brisbane Tarot School

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