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What are the Rules of Tarot?

I had the opportunity to discuss this very topic after feedback from one of our students on the last blog post from Chris.

One of the fundamental ethos of the Brisbane Tarot School is to empower people with a variety of information, tools and education regarding the history, symbolism, and theory of Tarot.

The next most important thing for us is to encourage conversation between students as peers and with us as teachers regarding the content provided. The Wonderful thing about this and genuine enquiry between people is to remind every being that you can learn anything but like each being is unique so is your practice and experience of Tarot going to be.

There are established meanings for the cards, all 78 of them, for example. However to be stuck learning things by rote disempowers people from being able to see into the card, the symbolism, the correlation between card, placement, position, querent and the enquiry being considered.

Additionally over many years there is a sense and reality that fundamental approaches to tarot things have become very prescribed. In fact too much so.

How many of you have heard you cannot buy your own deck of Tarot cards for example?

Some people are saying even in regards to what you do with your cards after a reading is set in stone. To do anything else is ineffective or just plain wrong!

As a reader of decades of experience I cleanse my cards in salt within the tarot bag and place a crystal on the bag, after each reading. Others smudge them, others just use the crystal, others a connection to source light.

In regards to buying your own Tarot cards, is not being drawn to a deck with your own awareness of your needs and the energy of the moment more essential than a practice of needing to be gifted them?

As you can see the rules are there to suit some but the essential part is the discernment of the individual and what feels right for them. Honour in all things.

Blessings and thanks for giving me the opportunity to share this with you.

Sarah Admin Co teacher Psychic Holistic Counsellor and Healer.

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