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The Brisbane Tarot School offers Beginner's Courses, Advanced Studies and One-Day Workshops that allows you to to enter in to the mystical and magickal world of the Tarot. Learn to interpret the cards for yourselves and others in a supportive atmosphere.


Unlike so many other Tarot schools we do not offer online courses or webinars or e-classes.We pride ourselves that we are completely face-to-face. We offer personal tuition and immediate feedback. You receive hard copies of notes... not downloads. And the class teacher is right there in front of you.



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Good afternoon.

This is Chris from the Brisbane Tarot School.  

We have received a lot of enthusiastic interest over the past several months from people keen to begin their Tarot studies. We have been following the pandemic saga closely and, at last, have a wonderful announcement. 

We have been working behind the scenes and have an exciting proposal that I want to share with you personally.  

We have secured a Covid-19 appropriate area for a maximum of 5 students only for our six-week Beginners’ Tarot course. The first one starts this month (July) on Saturday the 25th. A second course is scheduled to commence on September the 12th. 

The venue is fully insured and located in North Ipswich.  You will be provided with an individual working space that observes the four square metre  rule. You will be provided with sealed refreshments and hand sanitizer on entry and exit. Toilet facilities are available also. Obviously if you are sick or displaying any flu like symptoms please do not attend that week's class. Please contact us and we will email your course notes for that week so you can stay on track and you can return to class once symptoms have cleared completely.  

You will need a Rider-Waite-Smith Tarot deck and the course book which is  "78 Days Around the Tarot" by Katz and Goodwin, which for ease of purchase can be ordered and picked up from the original owner of Ecclectica , Andrea Wilkes, who still owns and runs Crystal Earth in West End or she can express mail it to you. She can be contacted on 0403 888 421 to order the items. The cost of these two items are not included in the actual course cost. 

Six consecutive Saturday morning classes, 10am -12pm with a certificate of completion at the end. The course provides materials prepared by the Tarot School, plus additional handouts that you can keep in a provided satchel folder.


It is the most extensive course available in Queensland and we have empowered 100's of students in our eight or so years of operation. They have gone on to become professional readers or simply to include Tarot as part of their personal daily practice or even business practice, with confidence. 

The cost for the six weeks remains at $290 and can be paid by PayPal.  

Please call me on 0402 353 397 for further details or to book these limited places before we offer them more widely. You place will be confirmed, and address provided once course fees are received via PayPal.  

July 25th: Six-week Beginners’ Tarot course commences 

September 12th: Six-week Beginners’ Tarot course commences 

Do you have a question or an enquiry. Please feel free to contact us:

Here is a testimonial from a one-day workshop participant


The $150 for the course is unfair, on Chris. The wealth of experience, so clear to observe by the bank of knowledge which he imparts in the course, is worth something much more than money, all I could really offer was astonishment and appreciation.


If you are somewhat skeptical and or don't really understand what the tarot is about and you want to know, as I was and did, I bear witness to the fact that you will understand what you see and walk away knowing far more than you did when you walked in. 


Messages which I in no way construed to fit my ideas or warped to suit my own agenda became blatantly clear, almost as if the deck is alive, after some very eloquent and helpful descriptions of the cards were taught to me by Chris.


Like any good teacher, Chris opens up a new world to you. The tarot is a beautiful story, made up of pictures which now only fascinates and intrigues me all the more.


I was deeply touched and profoundly inspired by what Chris taught me and I would encourage anyone with an inkling to try this, to do it.


Here is what other people are saying:


"After participating in the one- day workshop, and learning so much, I decided to do the 6 weeks beginners course. Just finished and I can say what Chris has taught me in 6 weeks would not have been possible by myself. I've enjoyed the experience immensely. The 6 week course has opened up a whole new world for me and I am looking forward to the advanced classes. If you are serious about Tarot then this is the course for you. Chris is a gifted teacher and lessons and the course materials are first class. Highly recommended!"



"Just finished, along with my husband Graham, the 6 weeks beginners Tarot course. Learning the Tarot is a lot easier with Chris' guidance. It was a great 6 weeks and we both look forward to learning more with Chris's guidance. If you want to start the right way in learning the Tarot this is the course for you!"

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July 25th: Six-week Beginners’ Tarot course commences 

September 12th: Six-week Beginners’ Tarot course commences 






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