Our Advanced Tarot Group Meetings


We run regular quarterly Advanced Tarot group workshops that offer ongoing learning, practice, fun and sharing with like-minded people.


As long as you have some knowledge of Tarot this group is for you.


If participating in these workshops sounds intriguing then be sure to sign up for our free monthly newsletter or follow us on Facebook to be informed of the dates as they are confirmed. Workshops are always held on Saturdays and run from 12:30 until 3:30.


The sorts of things you might expect to cover at these meetings:

  • Interesting and useful spreads

  • Links between Tarot and other occult traditions such as astrology, kabbalah, numerology and alchemy.

  • Games and activities that develop intuition and accuracy in readings.

  • Up-to-date news from the world of Tarot.



We meet at Ecclectica in West End. The cost is only $50.


Bring your Tarot deck, a journal or notebook and a coffee if you wish. It’s all fairly informal.

Bookings are essential so ring Chris on 0402353397 to confirm a place.


We would love to see you.