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- Upskill after completing the Beginners course

- Advance existing practitioner knowledge

-Expose yourself to more techniques and correspondences essential to every reader and follower of Tarot

- See how to link Astrology, Psychic skills and further your intuitive development with Tarot.

Advanced Practitioners Courses

We offer MANY different advanced Tarot courses.

>>See the Upcoming Events section on the homepage for dates as they are listed.

>>These are online courses using Zoom. All lessons will be recorded for later viewing if you miss a class or want to watch it again.

>>These courses are for advanced students. We will assume prior knowledge of the Tarot. If you have completed our Six-week Beginners’ Tarot course, you would be well equipped to take this advanced course.

>>You will need your own deck. We use and prefer the Rider-Waite-Smith deck. Nothing else is needed.

>>The investment varies depending on duration of course. 


We take a maximum of ten participants to ensure adequate time is available for each class member.

Advanced Practitioner Short Courses.

>>We are now offering a number of short Advanced Practitioner Courses

>>These include Court Cards and Timing and Psychic Development and many more.

>>All notes are provided and the duration of these courses is 2 consecutive weeks.

Cost varies between $75 and $90.

>>To enroll please contact us at

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