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Two week Wicca course, Journey With a Priestess


The two week Wicca course, Journey With a Priestess at 10 am Brisbane AEST, taught exclusively live via Zoom online. We do have spaces left and we are taking bookings now.


The two week Wicca course that we offer at the Brisbane Tarot School is a comprehensive course that I have developed as a Practicing Priestess. We have been running the Tarot school for over 10 years. Now due to popular demand, we are exclusively available, via Zoom. 


  • This course assumes no prior knowledge and is so extensive that REGARDLESS if you have no prior knowledge or some prior knowledge, every student emerges feeling confident and empowered from their connection to the cards 

  • The development of your understanding of how to link your intuition that we all have, to the Gods, elements, aspects of magic and the wheel of the year and your connection to them! 


What does the course comprise?

  • Two Saturday morning classes, 10 am -1 pm Brisbane AEST

  • The course provides course materials prepared by the Brisbane Tarot School, plus additional materials and downloads that you can print off and save. 

  • Extensive teacher support 

  • The belief from us at The Brisbane Tarot School in every individual's empowerment through personal guided growth. 

Session 1: History and Background

Define Wicca

Define Witchcraft

History of Wicca

Session 1: Foundations of Practice

Grounding and Centering

Creative Visualisation



Session 2: Correspondences

The Elements

Earth, Air, Fire, Water, Spirit

Session 2: Deity

How Wiccans define Deity


Honouring the Gods

Session 3: The Wheel of the Year



Session 3: Altars and Tools

Wiccan Tools and their uses

Creating an Altar

Session 4: Ritual Basics

Creating Sacred Space



Benefits of Zoom:

  • All live sessions will be recorded and a link will be sent out after the class to access the recording in case you want to review the content or you were unable to attend the live session.

  • Access the class from the location of your choice. Anywhere can be your classroom if you have a computer or tablet with the Zoom app, microphone enabled and video.

  • This two-week course is a commitment so the opportunity to review the recorded material means you are not ever going to miss out on the exclusive  Brisbane Tarot School content due to your life commitments.


Course cost is only $120 and can be paid by bank transfer to ensure your enrollment.


Yes, $120 for

  • 6 hours of online teaching, 

      -    40 plus pages of Brisbane Tarot School support materials

      -     and available support 


Your Teacher will be available during the course duration of six weeks to answer questions via email at and via phone if urgent.

We are limiting each course intake to 10 students to ensure that each one of you gets the attention you deserve and we can ensure that your individual needs and support requirements for success with Tarot are met. 


To confirm your enrollment 

  • request an enrollment package

  • Pay the attached invoice.


What happens next 

  •  On each week of the course, you will receive that week's notes and a Zoom meeting link for the Saturday morning class.

  • Please ensure you have downloaded the Zoom app and have a quiet place to participate with video and microphone enabled. 

  • The course will be recorded and recorded links available to access at any time to review the content via a zoom link or should the situation arise that you are unable to attend the class live. 

Candle Burning Ritual
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