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A few years ago, my daughter and I had a tarot and rune reading from Sarah. We both found her to be very accurate, and while we both  have had other reading since;  we hold this experience as the benchmark.

Personally, I have always been scared of tarot – it has scary cards, and I have tried to learn over the years – but was quickly overwhelmed with the 78 cards. How many newbies like me, don’t venture down this path because it feels so overwhelming to learn.  So I decided to enroll in Sarah’s course to learn the history and the mystery so to speak. 


In 6 weeks Sarah’s course has taught me the basics of the cards, how they tell a story, creating an inspiring journey that will now be with me for life, and how I can utilise this my knowledge for myself and others. 


I found the course to be well priced and structured.  Sarah does pack a lot of information into the course. I found her to be  very giving of her breadth of knowledge and caters for different learning styles, along with the practicality of zoom.  I think the best review is if you would be a return client.  And I will be enrolling in other classes that Sarah will running.  If you are thinking of doing a tarot course, I would highly recommend that you talk to Sarah and consider her Beginners Course, it will have you doing your own readings in no time.


As owner of a cherished Rider Waite Tarot deck gifted to me many years ago, I had dabbled in self-teaching over the years. 

I had picked up a flyer for the Brisbane Tarot School at the former Ecclectica Store in West End, Brisbane, and at the beginning of 2022 felt the time was right to access more formal tutelage. 

I reached out to the School and enrolled for the Fools Journey and Beginners courses. 

From my first contact Sarah was responsive, friendly and informative.


The six-week Beginners course was an amazing and comprehensive overview of the Tarot, its incredible history and breadth. I learnt so much more than I'd ever been able to discover on my own. 

Offering the course via Zoom with access to recordings afterwards was a great flexible way of delivery - and Sarah was always on hand in between classes to answer any particular questions that popped up during the week. 

While my interest in Tarot is largely personal and meditative - the Beginners course provided all the tools and knowledge one needs to commence readings for others, and also provides important connections with other students.

Sarah is an incredibly knowledgeable, wise, supportive and patient teacher. I very much look forward to continuing my Tarot journey and learnings in the Occult with the Brisbane Tarot School, and will stay connected with Brisbane Tarot School.

Thank you Sarah and BTS


(Jan 2022 Six week Beginner course student)

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Here is a testimonial from an online participant:


It was a great honour to be part of Chris’ first online course.  In saying that, I was initially hesitant as I am of old school and prefer classroom teaching.  However, Chris’s friendly personality and relaxed attitude immediately put me at ease.

Before the course, I had very limited knowledge of the Tarot, but together with the notes provided, the course book and Chris’s wealth of knowledge, it all started to come together.  Break out rooms were great to bounce ideas off each other.

Thoroughly enjoyed the course and gained a much better understanding of the Tarot, in a fun and relaxed atmosphere. 

Would highly recommend the beginner's course to anyone who is curious or beginning their Tarot journey.


Here is another one:


The wealth of experience, so clear to observe by the bank of knowledge which Chris imparts in the course, is worth something much more than money, all I could really offer was astonishment and appreciation.


If you are somewhat skeptical and or don't really understand what the tarot is about and you want to know, as I was and did, I bear witness to the fact that you will understand what you see and walk away knowing far more than you did when you walked in. 


Messages which I in no way construed to fit my ideas or warped to suit my own agenda became blatantly clear, almost as if the deck is alive, after some very eloquent and helpful descriptions of the cards were taught to me by Chris.


Like any good teacher, Chris opens up a new world to you. The tarot is a beautiful story, made up of pictures which now only fascinates and intrigues me all the more.


I was deeply touched and profoundly inspired by what Chris taught me and I would encourage anyone with an inkling to try this, to do it.


Here is what other people are saying:


>>After participating in the one- day workshop, and learning so much, I decided to do the 6 weeks beginners course. Just finished and I can say what Chris has taught me in 6 weeks would not have been possible by myself. I've enjoyed the experience immensely. The 6 week course has opened up a whole new world for me and I am looking forward to the advanced classes. If you are serious about Tarot then this is the course for you. Chris is a gifted teacher and lessons and the course materials are first class. Highly recommended!

>>The advanced practitioners course has provided me with tools and ideas I had never considered before. I would really recommend it! -Gabriela

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