Runes Short Course

Sarah, a 20-year long journeyer through the Runic landscape is presenting Rune workshops for beginners. You can use your own set of runes, wooden or crystal, to learn the meanings of the Elder Futhark, its cultural beginnings, its application for all life

questions and as a divination method. 


As the knowledge of the Elder Futhark was transported by traders across Europe it became indispensable to rulers, traders, seers and oracles as a source of inspiration and guidance. The Rune method that Sarah teaches has helped numerous people with individual questions not only in preparation for what is to come but the absolutely essential understanding of energies around at the moment the questions are asked during divination.


The Earliest unambiguous Runic inscription dates back to 160 CE and the first use of the Entire Elder Futhark has been found on a carving in 400CE. The Mythology of the Runes has always begun with the association they have with the god Odin and much of the legends surrounding their origin will draw you deep into their mystery and powerful associations embedded in them.


Then when you have learnt to understand the individual Runes, each steeped in meaning and direct application to the seasons and times and life experiences of the user and the Querent, you will have the ability to utilise a divination method solely or as an additional tool to deepen your personal awareness and insights and that of others.


Learn to interpret these aspects of a divinely inspired divination method, see the wisdom of the ancients in action as myths and legends that directly influenced its composition and learn to give and receive accurate readings using this method.


You will need a set of runes(stone, crystal or wood is fine) and a white cloth about the size of a pillowcase


The cost for this special two-day Zoom short course, presented via Zoom from  10 am -12 pm AEST on consecutive Sundays is only $120.